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Drumheller is a beautiful place to enjoy the great outdoors. We have an extensive network of trails and paths that are enjoyed by thousands throughout the 4 seasons.

In winter we try to maintain paths to the best of our ability. When removing snow, town streets are given priority before anything else.

Once the priority streets are cleaned we then clear town sidewalks to ensure the safety of our residents. Depending on available labour we will clear pathways for your enjoyment.

Thank you for your patience with our snow clearing efforts this winter! 


snow parking2.jpg-w900-h750

Just a friendly reminder about the importance of not parking on a street with the temporary "no parking" signs located in the middle of a street with piled snow.

Once the street has been cleaned and the signs have been removed, parking is once again permitted. By moving your vehicle this helps town crews clean the streets more efficiently and safely.

For more information on snow removal please visit our maps section on our website or click here.  

Thank you for your assistance! 


Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Flag! 

Some do's and don't's to remember about our great country's symbol of sovereignty: 


  • Fly the National Flag of Canada alone on its own flagpole or mast; 
  • Fly the National Flag at night without being lit; 
  • Face the flag, remove hats and remain silent when the National Flag is raised or lowered, or when it is carried past in a parade or review; 
  • Half-mast the National Flag of Canada on occasions when a public demonstration of sorrow is called for, and; 
  • Replace a faded or torn flag with a new one and destroy it in a dignified way.


  • Modify the dimensions/proportions of the National Flag of Canada, should always have an exact ratio of 2 to 1 (twice as long as it is wide); 
  • Write or mark the National Flag of Canada in any way, nor cover it with other objects; 
  • Pin or sew on the National Flag of Canada, and; 
  • Dip or lower to the ground the National Flag of Canada as a means of paying a salute or compliment to any person or thing.

For more information about our National Flag, please click here or download this  .pdf file that explains this year's celebration! 

Happy 50th Anniversary to our National Flag!


Over the next few months, 90% of all homes and businesses in Drumheller will be connected to the TELUS Fibre Optic Network. You can enjoy entertainment at the speed of light including crystal clear HD and blazing fast internet speeds (up to 100mbps).

To learn more about this project, visit

February is Heart Month. What a perfect time to take care of yours by getting some regular exercise and eating healthy.

There are lots of opportunities for you to increase your level of activity. Starting with Winter Walk Day on Wednesday, Feb. 4th.


You can also join us for a Seniors Toonie Walk every Monday from 9:00 to 11:00 am or attend a Seniors Fitness Class on Wednesdays at the BCF.

If you like to swim, the Aquaplex is hosting another Battle of the Sexes which will continue at the BCF later in February. Sign up and support the guys or gals as you get fit.

Weight Wise Workshops are also being offered at the Drumheller Health Centre starting in February.


If you are looking to make a change, this would be a great place to start! Topics range from lifestyle change to nutrition to managing stress.

With Valentine’s Day and Family Day right around the corner, I hope you get a chance to spend some time with loved ones and family near and far.

Check this month's Seniors Calendar to keep you busy while we wait for the weather to warm up. Happy Valentine’s day!


Time to get those dogs and cats registered with the Town of Drumheller!

Dog and cat licenses are now available for 2015.

All dogs and cats living inside the municipal boundaries of Drumheller are required to be registered under the Responsible Pet Owners By-law.

To register your dog and/or cat please visit town hall, 224 Centre Street.

For more information on pet licensing click here.


The Rotary skating surface at the Rotary Splashpark is now ready for skaters this winter!

The Rotary Club of Drumheller teams up with Freson Brothers and The Town of Drumheller to create this skating surface for kids learning to how to skate.

It's a fun way to to spend time with your youngsters in the winter months!

The ice surface is maintained by Rotarians and by the Town of Drumheller.


Mayor tourism pic