Badlands Community Facility


The Badlands Community Facility, comprised of a library, cultural centre, meeting rooms, field house, arena, and curling rink, will be a new, multi-use centre for all of the citizens of Drumheller and the surronding area.
The facility will provide opportunities for recreation, education, health, wellness, and socialization for generations to come.


The Drumheller Public Library will be relocated and redefined to suit the needs of our increasingly digital society.
Some additions to the library will include:

  • Enhanced spaces for child, youth, and senior programming
  • Increased collection and scope of all media types
  • Enhanced computer facilities


The Cultural Centre will include opportunities for displays showcasing local talent.
Cultural themes will be selected for displays that focus on our regional history, covering topics such as:

  • The geological and palaeontological significance of the Canadian Badlands
  • The economic and social significance of coal mining
  • Aboriginal history
  • Multiculturalism


This area will hold up to 500 people and can be divided into smaller venue areas. It will be a social hub for the community and will serve as the gathering point and apex of activity for all residents.
It will be a venue for:

  • Music events and performing arts groups
  • Post secondary and continuing education programs and classes
  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Weddings, graduations, and other local celebrations
  • Remembrance day celebration
  • Senior and youth group activities


The Field House and additional wellness facilities will provide an opportunity for a healthy active lifestyle for people of all ages, providing a "quality of life" for locals as well as potentially attracting new residents to the area.
The Field House will include:

  • Full size (26m x 56 m) indoor soccer/lacrosse facility
  • Sub-dividable for all other dry sports such as volleyball, basketball, badminton
  • Indoor child play area
  • Change rooms
  • Administration area
  • Bleacher seating


A much needed second indoor ice surface will provide opportunities for additional practice times and the ability to host more income generating games and tournaments.
The arena will include:

  • A single ice surface
  • Seating
  • Change rooms
  • The zamboni and other ice equipment will be shared between the two arenas, resulting in a lower maintenance cost and improved efficiencies.


The existing curling rink has been in existence for over forty years.
It will be demolished and a new curling rink will provide opportunities for:

  • The ability to host income generating bonspiels
  • Larger events such as provincial playdowns
  • A cement floor instead of the current dirt floor that will allow for off season use by other indoor sports and events.

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