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Flood Mitigation

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Overview of Grant Programs and Approvals

  • Disaster Recovery Program grant approved (application made in 2013 for flood expenditures incurred along with 2014 engineering and future staffing requirements); $606,000 of a total estimated claim of $1.2M has been received with $400,000 related to upgrading of damaged roads and $75,000 related to repairs at the Fountain area will be reimbursed once the Town submits the paid invoices to the Province.
  • Additional funds were applied for under the Southern Alberta Flood Response Program and approved in the amount of $246,200.
  • A new provincial grant, Alberta Community Resilience Program, a 3-year $325M grant program administered by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development to support municipalities in the development of long term resilience to flood planning goals for the future.  Funding is 90% of the engineering and construction costs up to $3M and 70% for costs in excess of $3M.  Costs associated with the operation and maintenance of a project are the responsibility of the municipality and are not eligible as part of the total costs of the project.  Waiting for approval.
  • A program announced last fall, 2013 Flood Recovery Erosion Control Program, with funding at 100% has been applied for to remediate the bank erosion on 9th Street NW.  During the last flood more bank and sandstone used for flood protection has been washed away – this is a high priority and dyking is needed to protect North Drumheller.
  • Another grant program includes remedial work to reinforce the entire alignment of the Michichi Creek.
  • The province indicated they would work with the Town on existing development zones and future growth areas.  The mapping is being worked on by Palliser and shared with the Province to ensure it meets their requirements.  The mapping identifies the regulated floodway area versus what the province is using – natural flows (the Town’s map has less flooding restrictions).      


Work Priorities

  • The Town intends to prioritize projects working with Stantec and the Province.


Floodway Development Regulation Task Force

CAO R. Romanetz along with other municipal administrators and Alberta Environment and Parks AEP and Municipal Affairs (MA) government officials reviewed controls on future development in flood hazard areas to minimize flood impacts within communities as enacted in the Flood Recovery and Reconstruction Act

Once a regulation comes into force under this legislation, it will control, regulate and prohibit any use or development within a floodway. 

The regulation will ensure a consistent minimum level of land use control for municipalities. 

As well, municipalities may choose to impose more restrictive measures within their Land Use By-law. 

The results of these measures constitute the completion of Phase 1 of the Committee’s consultation.  

Phase 2, broadened the consultation process, including a public process for Alberta residents with information on the Provincial website and a symposium.

Drumheller and Fort McMurray have exempt status, this has been a challenging discussion and will apply to other municipalities if their circumstances warrant an exemption.  

Drumheller’s rationale for an exemption includes existing dyking in place, further dyking proposed and other mitigation work that will have a significant impact on Drumheller and the flood mitigation reduction through the operation of the Dixon Dam.

Provincial regulation must be in place for the planning process to be consistently applied throughout Alberta and only subject to an appeal upon a question of jurisdiction or law.