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Strategic Business Plan

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We believe that an informed government is an effective government. 

Through defining our targets, we are able to plan accordingly and serve you better. 

Our Strategic Business Plan aims to identify our priorities, and how they will be accomplished.

Also included in this structure is determining who will do the work, by when and within what framework of accountability. 

The Town’s Strategic Business Plan is developed by Council and Administration at an Annual Strategic Workshop.

The Town normally uses a facilitator to assist in its development.

Once Council has established the corporate, operational and organizational priorities, they are used by both Council and Administration in the development of annual operational and capital budgets.

The plan is adopted by Council and quarterly updates are provided to Council.

As an organization, we take pride in being able to set out our projects with proper preparation. 

Want to know more? Here are copies of our 2016  and 2017   Strategic Business Plans.