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We provide reliable water services for our community.

Water services in the Town of Drumheller refers to the management and administration of both potable and waste water in our valley.

There is a base rate for water and sewer every month, the size of the water meter dictates the charge, most residential properties will be 28.19 per month. The rest of the bill is based on consumption, we measure the consumption in cubic meters. We read the water meter every month around the 30th . The consumption falls into two categories water and sewer.

Water is charged at $1.7029 per cubic meter

Sewer is charged at 80% consumption year round at $2.0619

For example if someone used 10 cubic meters of water they would be charged:

Base rate = $28.19

Water = $17.03 10 cubic meter

Sewer = $16.50 80% of 10 cubic meter = 8 cubic meter

The total for bill for 10 cubic meters of consumption would be $61.72.

For more information, please refer to the following articles:

We also provide water to about 7,000 homes in the surrounding areas.