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Our business services accounts for a wide variety of entrepreneurial initiatives in the valley. 

Nothing beats being prepared. Knowing about the fees attached to registering for a business license can save you a lot of time. Fees for business licenses in our community are separated into various factors.


The most prominent among which is whether you are a resident or not.

If you are resident of our valley, you would have to think about whether your business can be considered as a type of home occupation, you will require a Development permit along with your home based business license,the number of employees in your businessmay affect the cost of your license.


The rates forHome based businesses in our Town are as follows:

Condition:          Timeframe:     Rate:

Owner Only          Annual         $245.00


Plus a Development Permit - Annual:  $60.00


A Micro License is only available to resident non GST clients, and you must provide proof  of yearly earnings:

Micro Businesses          Annual           $51.50      


Residential businesses(not based out of a home), please refer to the following charges:

Time Frame:     Rate:

Annual             $245.00


On the other hand, there are many categories for non-residents.


Hawkers and peddlers and non resident businesses coming  from out side of our Town incur the following rates:

Timeframe:    Rate:

One (1) Week:  $77.25

One (1) Month:   $154.50

Four (4) Month:  $250.00

One  Year ( Annual) : $360.50


Busker merchants, on the other hand, must refer to the following fees:

Timeframe:   Rate: 

One (1) Day  $25.00


If you want to know how to register for a business license, please click here.

If you have any questions regarding our business license fees, please don’t hesitate to call (403) 823-6300.