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Due Date, Penalties and Fees

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When paying property taxes, due dates and fees are extremely important.

Being aware of due dates, fees, and sometimes, additional charges to your property assessment and tax notice can make for a more convenient experience with us.

More importantly, it allows you to become a more responsible member of our community.


Due Date and Penalties

Property taxes are issued annually.

The due date is always the 31st of August or the date thereafter that falls on a business day.

On September 1st or the next business day, a 5% penalty will be applied on the unpaid, current property taxes owing.  

On the 1st of November or the date thereafter that falls on a business day, an additional 5% penalty will be applied to the current property taxes or any balance that may be outstanding.

As a general rule, all arrears are subject to a monthly penalty of 0.75% per month or 9% per annum, calculated on the first day of each month.


What other charges can be applied to my tax bill?

Unpaid utility bills and any costs related to by-law infractions such as weed notices, snow removal, unsightly premises and water and sewer connections are charged directly to the property.

The owner of the property is notified by letter of any charges being applied to the account.

The property owner, not the renter, is responsible for adhering to any by-laws.

At the end of the day, our hope lies in being able to avoid confusion on this subject.

Doing so effectively strengthens our partnership and allows us to serve our community better with your welfare in mind.


If you have any more questions on this matter, please feel free to inquire at (403) 823-1314 and our committed Town employees will be more than happy to assist you.