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If you are advertising for short term rental accommodations in Drumheller on any media source such as Airbnb/media/social media/web feeds it requires development permit approval and a business licence?

Any short term rentals of dwellings require approval and licencing from the Town of Drumheller and are designated as a Tourist Dwelling.

A Tourist Dwelling is defined "as a single dwelling unit:
a) Occupied by guests for a temporary period less than 28 days;
b) Contains sleeping and sanitary facilities and may contain cooking or eating facilities;
c) Occupied by a single part at any given time;
d) Maximum occupancy to be limited by the number of rooms available for sleeping accommodation and shall be determined by the development authority." Town of Drumheller Land Use Bylaw 10-08 p. 27

For more information please contact the Development Officer, Julie Steeper, at 403-823-1310 or email at



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