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Aquaplex Modernization

Reopening Expected November 1, 2017

Following the August 21, 2017 Council meeting, the Town met with Aquaplex Modernization contractors and the project consultant on August 24, 2017 to update the schedule for completion of the project.

It was determined that the project is behind schedule by 3 weeks due to the need to remove a larger than anticipated amount of concrete that was poured under the original pool deck.  “The contractor had to remove approximately 40% more concrete than was identified in the project. This extra work means that the re-opening the Aquaplex will be delayed, says Ray Romanetz, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Drumheller.   

The town has taken steps since late June to address this issue by extending the construction hours through evenings and weekends in order to get closer to the original completion target date of September 30, 2017.  “This has helped to reduce the number of days that the Aquaplex will be closed. The contractors are hoping to make up time over the next month. If that was to happen, the pool would open to the public earlier but programming will not commence until Wednesday November 1, 2017. We are doing everything we can to open as early as possible and limit any inconveniences to our users.” says Darryl Drohomerski, Director of Infrastructure Services.

As a result of the anticipated delays the Town of Drumheller will extend the length of Aquaplex memberships by the length of the closure.  “We feel that it is important to make sure that our members are given fair value in recognition of the inconvenience that this will cause to regular users. We have always tried to minimize the impact on our users as we encourage an active and healthy lifestyle,” says Mayor Terry Yemen.

The Drumheller Aquaplex originally opened in 1975 and 42 years later, there have been various upgrades.  The 2017 Modernization is by far the most extensive update of the facility.

The newly modernized Aquaplex will feature a gradual entry pool basin, new hot-tub and steam room in addition to fresh new floors and surfaces.  These improvements will help to reduce maintenance costs in addition to improving the overall aquatics experience.



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