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The Month in Review

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By: Mayor Terry Yemen

It’s hard to believe, but July is officially done and we’re welcoming August. Our hills and lawns were looking a little brown for a while but recent rains have really brought out the beautiful green and the valley looks great once again. Beautification remains an important issue for town council. Be on the lookout for town crews beautifying the highway 9 south entrance with more rock and shrubbery in addition to upgrades to the highway 9 north entrance from the bridge to the North Dinosaur Trail intersection. Council and I would like to applaud our staff for all the hard work they have done in regards to beautification. Our town looks great!

Last month, Deputy Mayor Jay Garbutt talked about our Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation application for 10 thousand dollars. I can tell you now that we have confirmation of that grant money and have hired Housing Strategies Inc to conduct the low rental housing needs assessment study. We expect to have a report in a few months.

Our Member of Parliament, Kevin Sorenson, was recently in Drumheller to deliver some good news for one of our largest tourist attractions. Mr. Sorenson confirmed that the Atlas Coal Mine will receive 50 thousand dollars as part of the Canada 150 grant. The money will go towards the next phase of tipple restoration to ensure this landmark stands for years to come.

Finally, a big hello to all of our tourists in Drumheller! I’ve noticed many are vacationing closer to home this year and, with the lower Canadian dollar, I’ve been seeing more visitors from south of the 49th. It’s great to see visitors from across the globe and it goes to show that the Dinosaur Capital of the World is truly an international destination!