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We are committed to promoting an effective and sustainable partnership with our community in the priority issue of public safety.

Want to be more involved in keeping our Town safe in coordination with our government agencies? You came to the right page!

Established in 2009, the Town Policing Committee acts as a liaison between our Council, the RCMP detachment, our By-law Enforcement Office, and the citizens of our valley.

For its mission, the Committee works to promote responsible community actions that create safe and secure communities within the Drumheller RCMP policing area.

It also envisions itself as a highly effective, accessible, and responsive link between the partners previously mentioned that includes you as an important member of our community.

The Committee consists of 9 appointed, voting members. Out of this, 5 are citizens from our Town, 1 mayor or designate by resolution of the Town of Drumheller’s Council. 

It also includes 3 public members from any of the following communities:

Notably, members of the public can have terms of up to 6 consecutive years. They shall also remain in office until their respective successors are appointed.

The present members of the committee and their respective positions are as follows:




Fred Makowecki



Vice Chairman

Jim Decore

Public Complaints Director


Member Rural

Larry Keddie

Member Urban

Patrice Wolf

Member Urban

Ray Romanetz

Chief Administrative Officer

Greg Peters

Director of Protective Services

Tom Zariski

Drumheller Councillor

S. Sgt. Grant MacDonald

S. Sgt. RCMP Drumheller

Judy Quintin- Arvidson

Recording Secretary

Bob Sargeant

Member Delia

Karen Neill

Member Starland


The committee, with a strong thrust for urban and rural partnerships, strives to progress as the most reliable public organization in facing challenges in policing and community enforcement in our valley.

Your policing committee actively finds ways to have you involved. Click on this link for a survey that seeks to collect opinions on our current policing priorities.

For inquiries and more information, you may view our by-laws for this service, a summary brochure here, or contact us at (403) 823-1363.