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2020 Property Tax FAQs

It's just about that time again. Property taxes are due on August 31.To avoid penalties being applied, your payment must be received by the Town no later than 11:59 pm on August 31, 2020.

Below is a compilation of frequently asked questions about property taxes and assessments.

How can I appeal if I don't agree with my assessment? 

The important item is that you can appeal your assessment, not your taxes or municipal services. The first step is to compare your assessment to other similar properties. Using the Internet, browse to our home page,, and select the Depts menu on the top banner, then choose Corporate Services, Property Assessment, Property Tax Search. On the Property Tax webpage select the applicable search option. The following web address from Alberta Municipal Affairs has helpful information and may assist you: . Town Hall staff can answer most of your concerns at (403) 823-6300. If you require more information than we can provide, our assessors Rodney Vikse or Steve Washington at Wild Rose Assessment Services Ltd. in Red Deer can be reached by calling (403) 343-3357 or by fax at (403) 343-3299. 

If you are still not satisfied with the explanation, your appeal must be filed with the Assessment Review Board Clerk at the Town of Drumheller, 224 Centre Street, Drumheller AB T0J 0Y4, within 60 days after the Property Assessment and Tax Notice is sent. The 'final date for complaint' is located on the top right corner of the notice. Only the Municipal Government Board has jurisdiction to deal with complaints about assessments for designated industrial & linear properties, not the Assessment Review Board. 

A fee of $50 per assessment for residential and farmland or $650 per assessment for other types of assessment must accompany the prescribed appeal form. This fee will be refunded to the appellant if the appeal is withdrawn prior to the appeal being heard by the Board, or if the Board rules in favor of the appellant. This form is available at Town Hall or downloaded from the Alberta Municipal Affairs website: 

What is "Market Value Assessment"?
Market Value Assessment values reasonably reflects the market value of your property and creates a more equitable and comparative assessment of all properties. Assessment values are based on the most recent sales information that can be obtained. All properties are re-assessed every year. The term "Improvements" refers to anything that is not "Land". This is the total of the improvements on that property, which includes any changes made in the previous year. The effective date of the assessment is December 31st of the previous year. 

How is Market Assessment used to calculate my property taxes?
The assessment itself does not generate property taxes. The Town determines the amount of revenue required to be raised by taxes for maintaining and delivering municipal services. The requisitioning bodies determine the values of the Designated Industrial Properties, Education and Seniors' Housing requisitions. Council has no control or voice in these portions of the taxes. The revenues required divided by the assessment produces the tax rate. A tax rate of 0.01234 is equal to $12.34 per $1,000 of assessment. 

What is the due date?
The due date for your tax payment is August 31st. Please refer to the next paragraph for the penalty rates. 

What are the penalty rates?
There will be a 5% penalty on the unpaid current levy on September 1st and an additional 5% penalty on the unpaid current levy on November 1st. All arrears are subject to a monthly penalty of 0.75% per month or 9.00% per annum, calculated on the first day of each month.
Please refer to the reverse side for more information.

What other charges can be applied to my tax bill? 

Unpaid utility invoices and any costs related to by-law infractions such as weed notices, snow removal, unsightly premises and when applicable, water & sewer connections are charged to the tax account. You are notified by letter of any charges being applied to your account. The property owner, not the renter, is responsible for adhering to any Bylaws.

Payment Options
NEW! This year we are accepting credit card payments using Option Pay on our website and etransfer payments at The Town of Drumheller also accepts, debit, cash or cheque payments, as well as online payments through banking institutions. Post-dated cheques are acceptable. If paying by cheque, include the bottom portion of your property assessment and tax notice to ensure payments are applied correctly.
Online payments, telephone banking, etransfers or payments made through banking institutions, may take up to 4 business days to be processed and must reflect the correct roll number which can be found on the top of your property assessment and tax notice. Ensure to adjust your payment dates accordingly to avoid penalties for, any and all, late payments. 

A fee of $25.00 is applicable for any and all requests to transfer payments, or credit balances to other properties. 

Is there other methods of paying taxes?
Another method is the installment plan. This allows us to electronically charge your bank account with the monthly portion of the taxes on the last day of each month. Since your payments are spread throughout the entire year there are no penalties in September or November, and there is no pre-payment bonus.

If we can be of further help please call us at (403) 823-6300 or visit us at Town Hall.
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Recycling at Landfill Resumes

Recycling for the Town of Drumheller & surrounding area will resume Monday May 4th, 2020 at the landfill site only. The Drumheller and District Solid Waste Management Association will introduce a phased approach to the reintroduction of the program to Drumheller. Community collection sites in Drumheller will remain closed. Therefore, residents will have to drive their recycling materials to the landfill.

Acceptable products for recycling include cardboard, newsprint, tin, plastics (no film) and bond paper. A two (2) metre social distancing protocol will continue at all times, with all recycling containers sanitized after public use.

Landfill hours Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm , Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday Closed

For any questions, please contact the Drumheller District Solid Waste Management Association.

TEL: 403-823-1345

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NEW Interior Building Improvement Grant

 The Town of Drumheller is pleased to announce an exciting new grant for local businesses.

The Interior Building Improvement Grant will fund 75% of  interior improvements to a business to a maximum of $2,500 with the applicant responsible for a 25% contribution. Eligible costs include interior painting, floor covering, electrical and plumbing fixtures as well as labour and materials.

The grant opens for applications on April 30 and closes at 4.30 pm on May 22nd.

Below are the guidelines and application form for the grant.

If you have any questions on the application process or guidelines please call the Economic Development Manager Sean Wallace on 403 823 1316.

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Spring Clean up 2020 Extended!

April 20, 2020

Spring Clean up is now extended to May 2nd! 

A reminder that this program is self-haul and Town staff will NOT be doing curbside pickup. In order to maintain social distancing at the landfill, there may be extended wait times. Please have patience as we protect our community. 

  • All household, non demolition/construction materials identified under the acceptable items' category will be accepted free of charge at the Drumheller & District Regional Landfill until May 2nd
  • The material will need to be tracked and all loads weighed; however, the disposal fees for acceptable items will be waived for Town of Drumheller residents.
  • Residents will be expected to deliver and off load their materials themselves; Landfill personnel will direct them to the appropriate drop off points and bins for the various materials while maintaining the 2-meter physical distancing policy.
  • All Landfill personnel will ensure that they wear the applicable Personnel Protective Equipment, such as; high vis vest, gloves, steel toed boots, and safety glasses while dealing with the public and or refuse.
  • Freon disposal rate of $15/unit will be waived for Town of Drumheller residents.
  • Demolition, construction, renovation materials as listed below will be accepted however there will be a disposal fee imposed as in previous years.

Acceptable Items:

Household furniture: couches, chairs, mattresses, dressers, desks, shelving, toys, kitchen tables, old clothing, lamps, household goods, etc.

Metal: Freon appliances (Fridges, freezers, air conditioners, water coolers), stoves, dishwashers, washers, dryers, hot water tanks, barbeques, swing sets, eavestrough,lawn mowers/rototillers, weed whippers, chain saws, any gas/dieselpowered equipment must have oil and fuel removed prior to acceptance, car parts and or pieces, etc.

Electronics: computers, televisions, printers, fax machines, mice/keyboard/computer speakers, microwaves, stereos, game stations etc.

Hazardous Household Wastes: Paints, used oil, used oil filters, glycol, household batteries (alkaline lithium and recyclable) household cleaners, fertilizers, garden chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, agricultural medications, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors etc.

Compostable materials: Trees, branches, leaves, grasses, garden debris.

Other: Tires, propane tanks, helium tanks, lead acid batteries (car batteries)

Un-Acceptable Amnesty Items for the Community Cleanup Event

Disposal fees of $62.50 / metric tonne are in effect for these materials

Commercial/Trade Wastes

Demolition/Building Materials: Fences, Decks, Shingles, Buildings (walls, windows, doors), large volumes of drywall, large volumes of wood etc.

Construction/Renovation Materials: Carpet, Linoleum, Bathroom /Kitchen Renovation materials, insulation etc.

Mobile Equipment: Holiday trailers, campers, tent trailers, utility trailers etc.

Prohibited Materials

  • 45-gallon barrels with lids intact,
  • vehicle propane tanks,
  • complete vehicles,
  • brake pots,
  • PCB containing materials,
  • liquid sewage,
  • radioactive material,
  • ammunition or explosives.

Direct all inquiries to the Drumheller & District Regional Landfill at 403-823-1345 or email at 

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2020 Street Sweeping

2020 Street Sweeping

Please pay attention to the signage in designated areas.  Please be aware that the street sweeper may cause a slower traffic flow. 

• Nacmine: April 17 to April 20
• Newcastle: April 20 to April 23
• Bankview and Huntington: April 23 to 26
• Midland and North Drumheller: April 26 to May 1
• Central Drumheller: May 2 to May 13
• Cambria, Lehigh and East Coulee: May 2 – May 13
• Rosedale and Wayne: May 14 – May 25
• Greentree and Huntington: May 26 – June 1
• Riverside: June 1 – June 10

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