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Information on the recycling program

On Monday June 10th Council made a unanimous decision to wait until 2020 to make a decision on the introduction of a curbside recycling program.

Here are the reasons this decision was made:

The current markets for recyclable materials are unstable with the value of the products greatly reduced.

The recommendation of regional and provincial recycling organisations is to not make any changes to current programs and  a number of municipalities are stopping their curbside recycling schemes. Some municipalities are having to stockpile some materials  collected  in their curbside recycling programs as there is no market for them.

In the meantime council and administration are committed to look at the first of the 3 key environmental messages of Reduce Reuse Recycle. We will focus on waste reduction including the possible creation of a waste reduction advisory group.

Here are some interesting news articles which council studied before making their decision.

For your information here is a list of items you can recycle either at one of the recycling stations or directly at the landfill


clean & dry, corrugated boxes. No waxed boxes.

please remove plastic liners, wood inserts, packing etc.

all box board, ie: cereal, soap or dry food boxes.

Please remove plastic liners

brown paper bags & brown paper envelopes.


clean & dry newspapers, T.V times, auto traders etc.

any flyers that come with the newspaper may go with the newspaper

glossy magazines with staples


any glossy catalogues

glossy manuals of magazines with glue or string binding


any type of computer paper

white bond off paper, loose-leaf, photocopy paper, tablet paper blank or with one color of print

any color of bond paper, loose-leaf, "post it" notes

N.C.R paper (no carbon required)

file folders (with NO plastic or metal)

colored and white envelopes with or without windows

thermal fax paper

Greeting cards (non-glossy, NO foil or plastic)


you may rinse tin cans, remove label and flatten for easier storage and transporting, however it is not necessary for our process

Please do NOT mix with aluminum or bimetal cans.

metal tops from glass jars are acceptable, please be sure to remove plastic or paper seals from the inside the lids

DO NOT INCLUDE beer caps, bottle caps or canning lids that have plastic or rubber liners

DO NOT include paint cans, aerosol cans, propane tanks, and gasoline or fuel containers, batteries or foil products


ALL household plastic containers must be clean and contain NO contaminates, such as food/condiment residual, steel handles or foil seals

Grades 1-7 accepted, excluding plastic film such as grocery bags, and NO Styrofoam

There are drop off locations at the Town of Drumheller parking lot across from the 7-11, beside the Subway Restaurant, at the East Coulee Community Hall, beside the Rosedale Skating Rink and adjacent to the Nacmine Store for all your recycling materials.

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Fire pit rules

Here are the rules regarding the use of fire pits.  

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TOWN PAGE MAY 22, 2019

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Notice to Ratepayers- 2019 Assessment and Tax notices

Please be advised that the 2019 Assessment and Tax Notices were mailed on May 17, 2019.

Notice is hereby given that under the provisions of the Municipal Government Act, sections

285 and 311, the Assessment Roll of the Town of Drumheller will be open to inspection

during regular office hours at the Town Office for a minimum of sixty (60) days after the

notice of assessment date, or to July 24, 2019.If you or your agent desire to object to the

entry or omission of your name or any other name upon the said roll, or object to your

assessment or any other assessment, you or your agent must, by July 24, 2019, lodge

your complaint, on the prescribed form, with the Assessment Review Board Clerk at the Town of Drumheller.

A fee of $50 per assessment for residential and farmland, or $650 per assessment for other

types of assessment must accompany the complaint form.The Assessment Review Board

Complaint Form is available at Town Hall or on our website:

The fee may be refunded if the complaint is withdrawn prior to being heard by the board

or if the board rules in favor of the complainant.

Dated at the Town of Drumheller, Alberta, this 17th day of May, 2019.

Barbara Miller, CPA, CGA, CLGM

Deputy CAO/Director Corporate Services

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