An explanation of the Utility Rates |

An explanation of the Utility Rates

The Town of Drumheller has been underfunding their utilities infrastructure in the past and the recent fee increases are part of a five year plan to address this underfunding. The utility system is a vital part of the town's infrastructure and it is imperative to put money aside each year to deal with the depreciation of this infrastructure and future modernization needs. ​At the December 17 Special Council meeting council voted to a 5% increase in water and 2% in sewage. The plan is to create a self sustaining system which will not need support from property tax payers.

This rate  increase will result in an increase of $ 2.81 per month on an average consumption of 15 cubic metres.

Below are two graphs which show the discrepancy between the funds needed to create a financially sustainable system for both water supply and waste water.

Below those are two tables which represent the recommended charge increases to deal with the underfunding. 

Graph 1 Cost Recovery Waste Water 

Graph 2 Cost Recovery Water supply 

Table 1 Recommendations to meet needs for cost recovery for water supply 

Table 2 Recommendations to meet needs for cost recovery for waste water system 

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