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July 4th Update on the fountain

​The fountain will not be running the weekend of July 4th - July 7th, 2019.

Over the Canada Day long weekend water loss was recorded at 162m3 per day. When the fountain capacity is 94m3 this is a highly significant loss. A second issue is that the ground surrounding the fountain is saturated and there is significant amount of water getting into the control vault. The vault is the location of all the electrical controls for the fountain, irrigation system and spray park. We want to prevent damage to these controls and keep our staff safe.

We apologize for the inconvenience of the fountain being closed.This is a difficult decision as we appreciate the fountain is a great attraction for both locals and tourists alike, however we take water conservation and staff safety extremely seriously.

We will inform you about future weekends as soon as we can.

$2 parking charge now in place at the Hoodoos Park...
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