The Star Mine Suspension Bridge Closed Until Further Notice |

The Star Mine Suspension Bridge Closed Until Further Notice



May 21 2020

 The Star Mine Suspension Bridge in Rosedale will remain closed to the public, even if COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. The closure is due to safety concerns surrounding the Suspension Bridge, making it unsafe for use.

"The Suspension Bridge was inspected as part of a larger inspection throughout the Valley by the Flood Mitigation and Resiliency Office," explains Chief Administrative Officer, Darryl Drohomerski. "During the inspection, it was determined the northeast timber bridge support was in extremely poor condition. As a result, it was decided to close access to the bridge. A fence has been erected at the entrance to the bridge and the parking lot will be closed to the public until a repair can be made."

There are currently 'No Trespassing' signs installed at the entrance of the parking lot, to prohibit use. The Town encourages community members to contact the RCMP or Bylaw if they see anyone attempting to climb the fence to gain access to the bridge.

"The bridge must be repaired before it is safe to reopen to the public," continues Drohomerski. "A plan is being established to resolve the issue and enable this repair as early as possible; however, a specific date cannot be determined at this time."

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