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Town of Drumheller

Town of Drumheller

Surplus Exercise Equipment Sale

The Town of Drumhgeller is offering the following equipment for sale by tender (for photos, see below):

1. Life Fitness 95t Elevation Treadmill
Hours: 5449
Miles: 11,112
Purchased at: $8,521.00
Minimum Bid: $750.00

2.  Life Fitness 95x Elevation Cross Trainer 5D
Hours: 3041hrs
Miles: 15,501
Purchase Price: $6,085.00
Min Bid: $700.00

3.  Life Fitness 95x Elevation Cross Trainer 5H
Hours: 3291
Miles: 15,332
Purchase Price: $6,085.00
Min Bid: $700.00

4. Hammer Strength OIB Include Bench Press
Olympic Bar not included
Assembly required
Purchase Price: $1,213.00
Min Bid: $200.00

5. Hammer Strength ODB Decline Bench Press
Olympic Bar not included
Assembly required
Purchase Price: $822.00
Min Bid: $200.00

Instruction to Bidders

1.Copy of completed bid form (or rendition of) available below, along with a cheque for each item must be received in a sealed envelope no later than 10:00 a.m., Tuesday, October 15th, 2019 and be clearly marked as:

Bid for Surplus Equipment - Town of Drumheller
Attn:B. Miller, Director Corporate Services

224 Centre Street, Drumheller T0J 0Y4

2. A cheque for the full amount of the bid, plus G.S.T. must be included in bid envelope for bid to be considered.Cheques from unsuccessful bidders will be returned promptly.
3. Purchaser is responsible for goods and services tax along with any/all costs associated with removal of equipment.
4. Exercise equipment was regularly maintained by Apple Fitness and is in good mechanical condition however, the Town of Drumheller does not guarantee quality, performance or dependability.Exercise equipment is sold as is/where is basis; certain equipment may need to be assembled.
5. Cardio exercise equipment can be viewed at the Badlands Community Facility during regular business hours starting Monday September 30th until Tuesday October 15th; equipment will be set up to be viewed in the lobby.
6. The Town of Drumheller reserves the right to reject any and all offers or accept any offer which it may consider to be in the best interest of the Town.
7. Transfer of Ownership will not take effect until cheque(s) have cleared.
8. Public can begin to bid starting on Wednesday September 25th at 1:00 p.m. Successful bidders will be notified no later than 4:00 p.m. Wednesday, October 16, 2019. Barbara Miller, Director Corporate Services is the contact for any information related to submitted tender bid.
9. Successful bidders must remove equipment on or before Monday, October 21, 2019.Exercise equipment not removed by that date will be re-tendered and a refund less 10% administrative charge will be incurred by the bidder.
10. By submitting a bid for surplus exercise equipments, all bidders acknowledge the terms of the surplus exercise equipment tender as outlined above.

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Elm tree pruning

It is important to carry out regular maintenance to keep elm trees healthy and prevent the spread of Dutch Elm Disease.

Here is some advice to keep your trees healthy​

  • take preventive measures by keeping your elm trees healthy, vigorous and properly pruned.
  • Elms should be well watered from April to mid August. To allow the trees to harden off for the winter, watering should be stopped mid August, followed by a good soaking or two before freeze-up.
  • Dead and dying elm branches and trees provide an ideal breeding site for the elm bark beetles that spread DED and must be removed. Beetles are attracted to fresh tree wounds, therefore pruning must be done between October 1 and March 31 when beetles are not active.
  • Dispose of all elm wood by burning or burying it.
  • Learn how to identify the signs of DED and beetle activity. As early as June, the leaves on a DED-infected elm will wilt, turn yellow, then curl and turn brown. This is accompanied by brown staining in the sapwood under the bark.
For more information visit the following website.

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Aquaplex - Annual Maintenance Scheduled

Wednesday, August 28 2019,

The Drumheller Aquaplex will be undergo their annual maintenance early September. The Aquaplex will  be closed from Tuesday, September 3rd to Sunday, September 8th.

Please contact 403-823-1322 for more information or 

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​View this week's Town of Drumheller town page as published in the Drumheller Mail.                

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