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Annual Services


Our Public Works Department is committed to providing consistent and exceptional service for the members of our community.

Learning about this important department takes you one step closer to how our Town works.

More importantly, it allows you to contribute to the development of our community in the many ways that you can!

The Infrastructure Services Department is primarily responsible for the development and maintenance of our community’s tangible assets.

From the management of our facilities to the maintenance of our roads, Public Works delivers a variety of services on a yearly basis.

Our recreation facilities enjoy year-round maintenance and repairs headed by our skilled managers.

This way, we can make sure that the Drumheller Aquaplex and the Memorial Arena, to name a few, are being well taken care of to offer you amazing experiences.

During the summer, Public Works is responsible for the maintenance and development of our Cemetery. This is in line with the vision of making this area for our passed loved ones a picture of serenity and peace.

When summer passes, the Infrastructure Services Department is in charge of Vegetation Management and Street Sweeping during the fall.

This is our response to the challenge of preserving our community’s thrust for environmental sustainability and promoting over-all security.

In the winter months, furthermore, Public Works is engaged with snow removal.

This is an important initiative in the direction of making our community livable and our roads safe for use.

For a map of our snow removal routes during this time, please click here.

The end of winter signals the beginning of new life. During the spring time, our dedicated public works staff continue managing our vegetation and sweeping our streets.

This season is also when our annual Spring Clean-up comes about. Through this effort, we employ sustainable and safe ways to dispose of our waste in the community.

With the leadership of the Drumheller and District Regional Landfill, information will be sent to you directly regarding the specifics of this program.

In addition, please watch out for announcements on this website for more details.

This impressive list of programs comes on top of an already rigorous set of initiatives that deal with maintenance, repairs, and over-all asset management for our community.

Truly, our public works department is a cornerstone in our Town’s development.

Currently faced with a problem related to a public facility? Click here to report it online.

If you have any questions about the Infrastructure Services Department’s programs and services, please call (403) 823-1330.