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Be Informed

Everyone has a role to play in flood readiness by being informed, planning ahead and taking action when the time comes.
Local businesses, organizations, schools, hospitals, and every single member of the community should have their own plan to be safe and to manage the risk and mitigate the damage should a flooding disaster occur. Here you will find recommendations on how to protect yourself, your loved ones and your property with detailed steps to take now so you can act quickly when the next flood is upon us.

Our History of Flooding

History tells us that Drumheller Valley was carved by raging torrents at the end of the last ice age. As the water sliced deep through the Great Plains, it eroded through 75 million years of geological layers and created the Canadian Badlands, and we are at the heart of it.

Drumheller has seen its fair share of adversity from mother nature in terms of flooding. Over the years, the Town has seen several major floods:

June 27, 1915 (rain on snowmelt)
June 18, 1931 (rain on snowmelt)
April 21, 1948 (ice jam)
August 26, 1954 (rainfall)
April 2, 1997 (ice jam)
June 23, 2005 (rain on snowmelt)
June 21, 2013 (rain on snowmelt)
April 24, 2018 (ice jam)

Many of these floods resulted in declaring States of Local Emergency (SOLE).

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