Prepare your business |
Prepare your business

Prepare your business

• Have an emergency preparedness and communications plan ready 
• Create a business continuity plan for evacuation scenarios
• Think about how to protect critical assets during a disaster
• Have HR policies in place: 

- Employee alerts/early release/working remotely/payroll and insurance policies

• Provide first aid training to employees and have first aid kits readily available
• Save or store all important documents (off site or on higher ground)
• Assign one or more points of contact responsible for employee counts in case of evacuation
• Assign a point of contact to communicate with first responders 
• Larger businesses should assign floor or facility wardens to get people out and meet at a planned muster point to ensure everyone's safety
• Test your emergency employee and customer notification plans (emails, text alerts) - start all notification tests with "THIS IS A TEST" to avoid confusion
• Have a plan to work in an alternate location in case of evacuation
• Make sure employees are aware of their respective roles during a flood
• Have an accessibility plan for employees with disabilities or special needs 
• Consider having a manual for every employee to review the plans and procedures
• Host an annual tabletop exercise with management and employees to review and practice the plans, process, roles and procedures
• Use social media platforms like business websites, Twitter, Facebook, to communicate with employees, customers and members

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