Annual and Quarterly Reports |
Annual and Quarterly Reports

We understand the evaluation is a valuable step towards improvement. 

As your municipal government, we strive to diligently track and assess our progress in pursuit of effective service. 

Annual reports provide an overview of the major achievements and work priorities completed during the past year.

They are presented to Council in January of each year and provide an important feedback mechanism critical to our success. 

Progress is measured against the targets set out in the Town's Strategic Business Plan.

On the other hand, quarterly reports provide the same overview on a quarterly basis.

Quarterly reports are presented at Council's Regular Meetings in July, October, and January each year.

Both reports aim to achieve more transparency and reflect the Town's accomplishments.  

In this light, the following documents are here to assist you in understanding your municipal government's operations: 


Take some time to look through the Town's activities of the past year and learn more about what's coming next. 

We appreciate your participation as an important member of our community.  



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