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Policies and Procedures

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Our operations are formed by policies crafted to promote organizational efficiency and efficacy.  

Knowing about our operational framework will greatly help you understand how your municipal government works for you. 

The Town of Drumheller's policies serve as a guideline for Council and staff to follow in making decisions that will reduce uncertainties and enable goals and objectives to be met.

In essence, they are considered a procedure or rule.

Some policies (C) are adopted by Council, while administrative (A) are determined by the CAO. 

Council policies are intended to:

  • Promote common understanding of Council's policy objectives;
  • Provide direction to Administration;
  • Faciliate better and more timely decisions, and;
  • Ensure consistent implementation of policy.

Administrative policies are intended to:

  • Clarify expections impacting finance, operations and personnel;
  • Ensure situations are handled consistently;
  • Promote awareness of workplace safety, preventative and corrective actions, and;
  • Encourage coordination of action plans within and across functional areas and departments.

Through these policies, you are ensured that your municipal government is doing its best to provide your reliable services that promote your welfare.