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Building Permit

How do I apply for a Building Permit? 

  • First, complete the online Building Permit Application Form
  • Upload all required documents with your online application.
  • Once you have submitted your online permit application you will be contacted by our development office. 

When is a Building Permit Required?

A building permit is required for the construction, alteration, installation, repair, relocation, demolition or change in occupancy or to any work to which the Alberta Building Code (ABC) applies. 

When is a Building Permit NOT Required? 

As a general rule, a project does not require a building permit if the ABC does not apply. These include:

  • Construction of an accessory building that is less than 10 square metres (108 square feet) in size if there are no health and safety concerns (i.e. garden shed);
  • Exterior finishing (i.e. painting and siding);
  • Re-roofing with the same material (i.e. replacing shingles);
  • Replacing or altering ducting serving a space heating appliance if it is located in a single family residential dwelling and if there is no design change required to the heating and ventilation system; 
  • Farm Buildings used for the operation of a farm such as a barn. Farm buildings are still subject to the requirements of other codes and standards. (i.e. electrical, gas and plumbing), and; 
  • Relocation of a relocatable industrial accommodation if it is at the relocation site for not more than 28 days. 

Who May Obtain a Building Permit? 

A building permit may be issued to the following: 

  • An owner of the building or to the owner's agent; 
  • A person having the appropriate certification to carry out the undertaking as required by the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act, and; 
  • An owner who resides in a single family residential dwelling for the installation of building systems in the dwelling. 

Nevertheless, we may limit the type and scope of the undertaking for which a permit is used for the purpose of achieving the level of safety intended by the Safety Codes Act.

Partial Permits 

You may be required separate permits for specific parts of the undertaking to which the Alberta Building Codes ABC applies if the specific parts involve a compulsary certification trade under the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act.

If a jurisdiction with the responsibility for administering the Safety Codes Act chooses to require separate building permits for different parts of a project, only an owner or a person with appropriate qualifications may obtain the permit.

Compulsory Certification Trades are listed in the Designation of Compulsary Certification Trades Regulation under the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act that include the following:

For quick references on the rules that guide this discipline's process, the following documents are mentioned throughout this page: 

Here are the building permit statistics for 2018

For more information, please call us at (403) 823-1310 and our development officer will be there to assist you. 

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