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Electrical Permit

How do I apply for an Electrical Permit? 

  • First, complete the online Electrical Permit Application Form
  • Upload all required documents with your online application.
  • Once you have submitted your online permit application you will be contacted by our development office.  

When is an Electrical Permit Required? 

A permit in this discipline is required to install, alter or add to an electrical system.

Notably, the Safety Codes Act (SCA) includes utility distribution and transmission lines in its definition of an electrical system, the installation, alteration, or addition to these lines also require an electrical permit. 

Nevertheless, there are exceptions to this rule. 

When are Electrical Permits NOT Required?  

Electrical permits are not necessary with projects in the following categories: 

  • Communication Systems. Nevertheless, the systems must still meed the requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code and the SCA. Owners are responsible for the care and control of communications systems on their side of the connection point between the customer and the utility, including making sure they comply with the relevant sections of the Canadian Electrical Code. On the other hand, communication circuits on the supply side of the demarcation point fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government. 
  • Electrical Installations to which the CSA Standard CAN/MSA M421-00 (R2000) The Use of Electricity Mines applies because appropriate inspection services are provided under other programs;
  • Electrical installations related to an elevating device applies since appropriate inspection services are provided under other programs as well; 
  • Extra low voltage, class 2 electrical circuits unless they are for safety control, locations described as hazardous in the Electrical Code, electro-medical purposes, or lighting, and; 
  • The replacement of electrical equipment with units of a similar type if the replacement is made for the purpose of maintaining the system and does not modify the ratings or characteristics of the electrical installation. 

Who May Obtain an Electrical Permit?  

Electrical Permits may be issued to the following:

  • A master electrician for any electrical system; nevertheless, a master electrician or restricted master electrician should have proof of their certification available for verification at our request;
  • A restricted master electrician for any electrical system within the scope of the restricted master electrician's certification;
  • A rural wireman for an electrical undertaking in a residence, farm building, or similar structure in an area of the province prescribted by an administrator if the service ampacity does not exceed 100 amperes and 300 volts single phase; 
  • An owner who resides in a single family residential dwelling where the electrical system serves that dwelling;
  • An owner of a farm building served by a single phase electrical system; 
  • An owner, operator, or designate of a power line construction company or an electrical utility for the construction of an overhead of underground power system governed by the Alberta Utility Code, and;
  • A sign installation technician to perform electrical undertakings withint the scope of the technician's duties as permitted by the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act

For the purpose of achieving the level of safety intended by the Act and the regulations, we may limit the type and scope of the undertaking for which a permit is issued. 

Annual Permit 

The Annual Permit is modelled after the "Minor Electrical Repairs Permit" that has existed in Alberta for many years. 

This permit now applies to the electrical, gas, and plumbing disciplines. 

Annual Electrical Permits are issued to the owner or operator of the premises to perform minor repairs, alterations, or additions on the premises under the following conditions: 

  • A person who holds a trade certification in the appropriate trade under the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act carries out the undertaking; 
  • The permit does not entitle the owner or operator to effect major alterations in or addtitions to the premises; 
  • The owner or operator maintains on the premises an accurate record of all repairs for the previous 2 years and makes the record available to a safety codes officer on request, and; 
  • The permit is limited to a 1-year term, subject to renewal by the permit issuer . 

If work is conducted under an annual permit, separate inspections for each minor repair or alteration are not required. 

Please contact our development office at 403-823-1300.

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