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Safety Codes

The Safety Codes Act is a guideline dedicated to keeping Albertans safe at home, at work, or at play.

All buildingelectricalgasplumbing, private sewage disposal and petroleum tank are projects that fall under the responsibility of the said policy.

Notably, all projects must meet the requirements of the safety codes and standards that are in place under provincial law regardless of the necessity of acquiring a permit. 

Primary responsibility for safety codes compliance rests with the owner of the building or installation in question.

A permit:

  • Provides the owner with access to expert advice before costly mistakes are made;
  • Provides the owner with a record of having done their due diligence to comply with the codes and standards;
  • Informs the jurisdiction with the responsibility for administering the Safety Codes Act that the project is taking place;
  • Provides additional oversight at the early stages of a project through services such as plans or design review, and; 
  • Initiates an inspection process by a trained and certified safety codes officer. 

The act applies to buildings, electrical systems, elevating devices, gas systems, plumbing and private sewage systems, and pressure equipment. It is enforced through the Safety Codes Council which is made up of various experts in the areas specified. The Safety Code Administrator or Officer can refuse or suspend a permit, variance, or certificate if the safety act is not being followed. According to our by-laws, a safety code permit must be acquired prior to development. Otherwise, a double permit fee will be charged for the applicable discipline. In Drumheller, you can get a safety code permit at Town Hall for electrical, plumbing and gas. On the other hand, building permits and private sewage permits must be reviewed and approved by a safety codes officer.

Additional information about safety codes, forms, and tips are available here

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All things considered, your best reference for information in this section is our Provincial Safety Codes Act.

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