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Drumheller has a variety of volunteering opportunities available. From sitting on Boards to helping at events there is something for everyone.  

Why Volunteer? 

Volunteers expand their support network while being a part of important community events and activities.  

Develop social skills that you can take with you for life.

Meeting different kinds of people can expose you to a wide range of social dynamics that can assist you in both personal and professional environments.

This carries over to the fact that volunteering also teaches important life skills that promotes career development.

Learning about other people’s experiences and how they have overcome their struggles allows us to carry wisdom for our own battles; thus, inspiring self-confidence.

The more we are able to discover the world and the people around us, the more we are able to decide who we are and who we want to be.

How do I Volunteer? 

Volunteer Drumheller is no longer operating. instead, volunteering opportunties are listed on our pages. They are divided into categories to make searching easy. 

Organizations/groups that are looking for volunteers can complete our online Volunteer Opportunity Form and we'll post it on the site. 

For more information call: 403-823-1315

We'll put volunteering opportunites on Facebook too!

Covid 19 situation is changing rapidly please check back for further details. Learn more at Drumheller.ca/covid