How to Pay for my Water Bill |
How to Pay for my Water Bill


As a testament of our commitment to provide efficient and convenient ways for you to flourish in our community, we make payment easy for all our services.

Water services is one of the primary ways we serve you at the Town and one of the most important things to know as a consumer is how to take care of your account.

This is why we made different ways for you to pay for your utility bill.

The easiest method of paying the invoice, for the customer, Town, and the Bank is the Preauthorized Payment Plan.

Your bank account is charged for the current balance on the due date avoiding any penalties for late or forgotten payments.

You may also pay through your bank through either their counter or online banking service.

Just remember to have your bill with you when you visit your bank.

Notably, we do not have an online banking transaction system set-up for Toronto Dominion.

If you live close to Town Hall, we also offer a counter service for your payments.

Please note, however, that the Town does not accept credit cards for utility bill payments.

We do our best at Town Hall to think about your welfare.

If you any questions related to paying for your utility bill, please call (403) 823-1302.