How is my Property Assessed |
How is my Property Assessed

Our commitment of transparency to you means that we aim to give you the information you need about this pertinent part of your civic life in our community.

Asking how your property is assessed is an important question if you want to know about the specifics of the taxation policy that governs our community. 

Real property (land and associated improvements) are assessed on a wide scale appraisal system.

The town is divided into many ‘assessment neighborhoods’ where sales for the past year are analyzed as to influences or contents involved in the sales, market trends, and other factors. This creates a ‘modifier’ for the neighborhood and applied to all those properties. Property is assessed with a number of influences, such as the availability or absence of services, back alleys, schools, to name a few. Simply stated, if you don’t have ready access to a service you are not taxed as if you have ready access to that service.

Land is assessed as vacant land exclusive of landscaping or fences. This means that you do not pay any property taxes on your lawns and flower and vegetable gardens or fences. Improvements are assessed on an individual basis. Another important question is “how is market assessment used to calculate my property taxes?” The truth of the matter is that the assessment itself does not generate property taxes. The Town of Drumheller determines the amount of revenue required to be raised by property taxes for maintaining and delivering municipal services. In this light, the revenues required divided by the assessment produces the tax rate.

For example:

  • a tax rate of 0.01234 is equal to $12.34 per $1,000.00 of assessment.

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