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Pay Property Taxes

On Monday, July 20th 2020 Property Taxes are due November 30th without penalty. Both commercial and residential taxpayers who normally pay in a lump sum on or before August 31 are now able to take an additional 90 days to pay their taxes without penalties.

It's just about that time again: Property taxes are due on August 31. 

To avoid penalties being applied, your payment must be received by the Town no later than 11:59 pm on August 31, 2020. 


  • The Town of Drumheller allows post-dated cheques for the payment of property taxes.
  • Another way to pay your property taxes is to enroll in our monthly installment plan, which allows the Town to automatically withdraw the payment from your bank account each month, helping you to avoid any penalties in September and November.
  • NEW! This year we are accepting credit card payments using Option Pay & etransfer payments, The Town of Drumheller also accepts, debit, cash or cheque payments, as well as online payments through banking institutions. Post-dated cheques are acceptable. If paying by cheque, include the bottom portion of your property assessment and tax notice to ensure payments are applied correctly. If your preferred method of payment is through online or telephone banking, please keep in mind that it can take up to four business days for such payments to be processed. Please allow for this delay when choosing online banking.  
  • A 5% penalty will be levied on  September 1st on all outstanding current property taxes.
  • On November 1st a further 5% penalty will be levied on all outstanding current property taxes.
  • All arrears are subject to a monthly penalty of 0.75%, or 9% per annum, calculated on the first day of each month.  
  • NEW! We now accept credit card payments online through OptionPay. 

What other charges can be applied to my tax bill?

  • Unpaid utility bills and any costs related to by-law infractions such as weed notices, snow removal, unsightly premises and water and sewer connections are charged directly to the property.
  • The owner of the property is notified by letter of any charges being applied to the account. 
  • The property owner, not the renter, is responsible for adhering to any by-laws. 

For more information please call (403)-823-6300 or email and we will be happy to assist you. 

Please be advised that your tax balance must be zero as at December 31st of each year.

  • If this balance is greater than $50 over your normal monthly amount the Town will advise you in writing.
  • Please note that a $25 administration fee is applicable for any and all transfer payments and/or for credit balances to other properties.
  • REMEMBER to include the correct roll number(s) with your payment to avoid incorrect payment applications.
  • Items that would affect the balance include any land related charges which are directly added to your property taxes. These include snow or weed removal, cleanup orders, legal actions, and unpaid utility bills.
  • Since the pre-authorized program allows you to pay your taxes over the entire calendar year, the pre-payment incentive for January and February is not provided, but the September and November penalties are not levied.

For any questions, please feel free to contact us at (403) 823 6300.

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