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Bid opportunities

In general, The Town of Drumheller issues opportunities to bid  in three main categories: goods, services and construction. The Town also issues opportunities for its hired equipment rental list.

  • Goods are typically the purchase of goods in bulk. Examples include: copier paper, bathroom supplies, light bulbs.
  • Services are generally the supply of professional services. Examples include: legal services, engineering services, janitorial services.
  • Construction is the provision of materials and services for the building of infrastructure. Examples include: water line installation, building construction, paving of roads or trails.

Bid opportunities are subject to legislated requirements such as the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) and the New West Partnership Agreement (NWPTA), formerly the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA). Excluding the exceptions which are specified by NWPTA , the agreement requires open, competitive procurements of: 

  • Goods and services of $75,000 or more; and, 
  • Construction contracts of $200,000 or more.

Depending on the estimated value of the work, bid opportunities may also be advertised through  Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC). All opportunities estimated at $25,000 or higher will be advertised through Alberta Purchasing Connection as well as on the Town Bid Opportunity page.

Covid 19 situation is changing rapidly please check back for further details. Learn more at Drumheller.ca/covid