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Throughout Drumheller’s history, the community has always been an attractive place for young people and young families.

Numerous oilfield and manufacturing jobs have brought in many young people and young families.

According to recent stats, there are nearly 3400 people between the ages of 20 and 49.

As of the most recent census, Drumheller’s population is 8,030.

There are 4,295 males and 3,730 females in the community.

In addition, there are 2,100 families in Drumheller.

69 percent of families are married couples while 16 percent are common-law couples and 15.2 percent are single parent families.

Having such a young demographic has allowed Drumheller to organize many family friendly events each year.

Canada Day celebrations are a huge favorite for kids of all ages.

The splash park, swimming pool, field house, tennis courts, and our many parks draw hundreds of families each summer.

In the winter, the Drumheller Dragons AJHL team is very community minded and love meeting kids.

Hockey, curling, dodgeball, and indoor floor hockey allow Drumheller’s young demographic to stay active during winter.

The mix of ages, lifestyles, and backgrounds makes our community a place that we can all call our home. 


Residents of Drumheller enjoy living in one of the sunniest places in all of Alberta!

Annually, the dinosaur capital of the world sees over 2,400 hours of sunshine.

Spring like temperatures begin early April when warm, sunny weather is common during the day with cool, temperatures at night.

June is traditionally a wet month while July and August are very hot and dry with average temperature in the summer usually hovers around 26°C.

The average winter temps hover around -9°C howver there are extremely cold spells when the temperatures can go down to -35 C

Drumheller is fortunate to periodically receive warming winds, or Chinooks, that can moderate temperatures.


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