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You can make a difference by being a public at large member on one of our Town Boards or Committees. Volunteering to serve on a board or committee is an excellent opportunity to provide input into decisions currently facing the Town of Drumheller.  The recruitment process generally takes place in the fall. However vacancies can come up through the year and so please watch for vacancies being advertised

If you wish to volunteer please complete this  Application Form for Boards and Committees  or contact Denise Lines at dlines@drumheller.ca or (403)823-1339. 

The listing for Councillor Appointments to Committees 2019/2020 can be found here .


Assessment Review Board 

Hearings are held as required.

Please refer to the corresponding by-law for more information. 

The board consists of the following members: 

  • Councillor Tom Zariski
  • 2 Members of the Public at Large (vacant)


Economic Development Advisory Committee

The Economic Development Advisory Committee advises Town Council in matters pertaining to activities which will improve the economic base and the cultural and environmental amenities of the community.

Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the Month at 1:30 PM.

For more information, please refer to the applicable by-law

The task force consists of the following members:   


Town Council Members

Town Administration - non voting members

  • Mayor Heather Colberg
  • Councillor Fred Makowecki 
  • CAO Darryl Drohomerski
  • Manager of Economic Development Sean Wallace

Community Representatives

Public at Large Members

  • Twyla Palmquist, Community Futures- Chair
  • Jeff Hall, Chamber of Commerce
  • Jason Martin
  • Nick Peelar
  • Dennis Harder
  • Tony Ibrahim
  • Terri Murray
  • Brian Yanish


Drumheller Public Library Board 

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at 6:00 PM in the Library’s Large Meeting Room

Librarian Emily Hollingshead’s email address is director@drumhellerlibrary.ca

For more information, please refer to the corresponding by-law. 

The board consists of the following members:  

Town Council Member

Public at Large Members

  • Councillor Kristyne DeMott


  • Denise Lines
  • Lizabeth Dube
  • Elizabeth Gallagher
  • Sarwat Rehan
  • Vanessa Page
  • Samantha Haddon
  • Caleb Brown
  • Cheryl McNeil
  • Sheila Krueger


Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) 

The mandate of the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) is to advise and decide on land use, planning, development and subdivision issues.

They act as the principal advisory committee of Town of Drumheller for planning matters.

Meetings are held Thursday at noon as required.

You may contact our Development Officer by calling (403) 823-1310. For more information, please refer to the current policy

Members of the Municipal Planning Commission include the following: 

Town Council Members

Town Administration - Non Voting Members

Public at Large Members

  • Councillor Tom Zariski
  • Councillor Tony Lacher
  • Manager of Economic Development Sean Wallace
  • Development Officer 
  • Sharon Clark
  • Shelley Rymal
  • Stacey Gallagher
  • Scott Kuntz
  • Andrew Luger
  • Ross Rawlusyk


Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) 

The SDAB hears appeals arising from the decision of the Development Officer and/or Municipal Planning Commission based on interpretation of the Land Use Bylaw and Municipal Development Plan.

The Board’s decision may be appealed to the Court of Appeal of Alberta.

Hearings held as required.

Secretary to the SDAB Libby Vant email address lvant@drumheller.ca

Members of the SDAB include the following: 

Town Council Members

Public at Large Members

  • Councillor Jay Garbutt
  • Councillor Kristyne DeMott
  • Eileen Lefley
  • Keith Hodgson
  • vacant


Drumheller Housing Administration (DHA) 

The DHA is the management body for community and affordable housing in Drumheller.

Meetings are held second Tuesday monthly at noon.

The board is made up of the following individuals: 

Town Council Members

Public at Large Members

  • Councillor Jay Garbutt
  • Gerald Martines
  • Kandace Wylie-Toews
  • Brendon Huntley


Policing Committee 

Meetings are held as called. Please refer to the corresponding by-law for more information. 

The committee consists of the following: 

Town Council Members

  • Councillor Fred Makowecki

Town Administration

  • CAO Darryl Drohomerski
  • Director of Protective Services Greg Peters
  • RCMP Representative Staff Sgt. Eddie Bourque

Public at Large Members (8)

  • Larry Coney
  • Karen Neill
  • Larry Keddie
  • Don Loro
  • Keith Hodgson
  • Kalon Sykes
  • Bob Sargent



Airport Commission

Meetings are held as called. Please refer to the corresponding by-law for more information. 

The committee consists of the following: 


Town Council Members

  • Mayor Heather Colberg

Town Administration

  • CAO Darryl Drohomerski
  • Director of Infrastructure Services Dave Brett
  • Operations Manager Kevin Blanchett 

Public at Large Members (5)

  • Catherine Bonneville
  • Patrick Bonneville
  • Peter Cardamone
  • Colin Jensen
  • Don Ostergard


Mark Kinniburgh





The Town of Drumheller Council meets on Mondays in the Council Chambers located on the second floor of Town Hall. Meetings begin at 4:30 PM and alternate between Regular Council Meetings and Council Committee Meetings.

You are able to watch the Council meeting feed here

Agendas are downloaded Fridays prior to a Council Meeting.  The agenda is set by Mayor, Council, and Administration. Delegations must formally request and be granted an audience with Council prior to the setting of an agenda.   

Business items are presented to Council through the Request for Decision (RFD). 

The RFD is normally prepared by Administration and includes:

  • The topic
  • Background or history
  • Financial implications
  • Reference to any policies or formal documents of the Town of Drumheller

An RFD also contains a clear recommendation for Council to consider.   

Regular Council Meeting minutes are uploaded to the website following adoption. This normally takes place two weeks following the actual meeting date.   

Council's Procedural By-law 10.09 is a bylaw that provides a standard format for Council meetings. It also makes it easier for members of Council, staff, the media and the public to understand the process by which decisions are made.  It not only governs the proceedings of Council, but also any of Council’s Committees and Task Forces, the conduct of its members, and the calling of meetings.

If you have any questions, please contact
Denise Lines
Senior Administrative Assistant to Mayor and Council, & C.A.O
(403) 823-1339


Councillor Jay Garbutt




Jay Garbutt came to Drumheller in 1999 to pursue a business opportunity and is proud to call Drumheller his home. 

While he is busy in his family and business life – raising two children with his wife Tammi and serving the needs of over 2000 clients in his financial services business with Sun Life Financial – Jay has always been community minded.

He has served on the Drumheller Public Library Board, Big Country Victims Services Board, assisted in the Olympic Torch Relay Celebration and is an active Rotarian to name just a few of his community contributions.

Jay was born and raised in Red Deer and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and an Education Degree from the University of Alberta.  

As a second term Councillor, Jay is looking forward to the opportunities and challenges Drumheller will face over the next three years.

You may reach Councillor Garbutt by Email at jgarbutt@drumheller.ca.



Councillor Lisa Hansen-Zacharuk


Lisa copy 2017 mike todor


Lisa was born in Drumheller February of 1980. She is a fifth generation Albertan, whom is married to her high school sweetheart Craig Zacharuk. Together they have two beautiful daughters. Lisa was a small business owner for eleven years, prior to closing her family ran restaurant and leaping into the world of Insurance. Presently she is a Commercial Account Executive for Western Financial Group. As well as currently and proudly serving her third term as municipal councilor for the Town of Drumheller. Lisa enjoys horse back riding, fast cars, writing, reading, drawing and fossil hunting in her spare time. When not on official duty she is also a proud Rotarian, Council member for the governing board of the Insurance Institute of Southern Alberta, director for the Cooperating Society of the Royal Tyrrell Museum, chair of the Homestead Museum Society and as well serves on regional political boards. Lisa has always taken an active role volunteering in her community as she believes the time given makes our home a better place.

You may reach Councillor Hansen-Zacharuk by Email at lhansen-zacharuk@drumheller.ca. 


Councillor Tony Lacher

 Tony copy 2017 mike todor

Tony Lacher moved to Drumheller in 1996 as the new branch manager of ATB Financial. He held that position up until 2010 when he was promoted to a District General Manager for SE Alberta. Albeit his new office was in Lethbridge, he chose to commute the distance versus leaving this beautiful valley. After 35 years of service to ATB Financial, Tony chose to retire in 2014.

Tony and his wife Linda raised three children, all of whom have gone on to establish successful careers of their own. They have 3 grandchildren and enjoy frequent visits with them. They have remained in Drumheller as this town truly felt like their home.

Throughout the 21 years that we have resided in Drumheller, Tony has participated in many volunteer organizations and fund raising campaigns. He has served on the Drumheller Solid Waste & Recycling committee and was the past chair of the Badlands Community Facility steering committee. Tony is the current president of the Drumheller Lions Club and a member of the Knights of Columbus. This is his first term on council and he can be reached at tlacher@drumheller.ca. 



Councillor Tom Zariski

 Tom copy 2017 mike todor 

Tom was born in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory on June 5/51.

Tom grew up, played hockey and went to school in Edmonton.

In 1975 he graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Education Degree and a major in English and Art.

He received his Diploma in Human Resources Administration from University of Calgary in 1994 and a Master’s Degree in Education Administration from University of Calgary in 1997.

In 1975 Tom and his wife Jean moved to Drumheller and raised two children in the valley.

Deanne (Deanne graduated from the U of A and works at the Royal Tyrrell Museum) and Ross (recently graduated from University of Victoria).

While at Drumheller Composite High School he taught English and Art, became the Vice Principal in 1989 and the Principal in 1996.

Tom was also the Central Alberta High Schools Principals’ Association Chairman. In 2010 Tom retired from his teaching career.

He is currently serving his third term as Town Councillor.

Tom has been very busy with many organizations in Drumheller.

He was the co-founder and president of the Drumheller Community Football Association, founder of the Drumheller Community Golf Association, chairman of the Royal Tyrrell Museum Cooperating Society, a member of Citizen’s Advisory Committee to the RCMP and Vice Chair of the Drumheller and District Seniors Foundation.

Tom has also coached soccer, volleyball, golf, and hockey, and was the vice president of the Drumheller Minor Hockey Association and Vice President of the Dinosaur Trail Golf and Country Club.

Tom is a Royal Canadian Golf Association Level 4 certified Rules Official and an Alberta Golf Association Board member.

With all of his community and not for profit work he was chosen as the Town of Drumheller’s Citizen of the Year in 2001.

You may reach Councillor Zariski by Email at tzariski@drumheller.ca.


Councillor Fred Makowecki

Fred copy 2017 mike todor

Fred was born in Jasper Alberta and grew up in Edson Alberta. He graduated from NAIT with a certificate in Commercial Signwriting. He worked in Edmonton for a couple of years and moved to Drumheller in 1978 and took over teaching in the Industrial Graphic Arts Shop at the Drumheller Institution for 12 years.

He left the institution and made his part time business, Image Crafter Signs a full time operation in 1989.

Image Crafter Signs has been operating in Drumheller for over 35 years.

Fred is married to Kathy who has worked at the Drumheller Hospital for over 35 years. Fred and Kathy have raised 2 children in Drumheller,

In 2004 Fred was a candidate for Drumheller council but was unsuccessful. Wanting to contribute to his community, his focus turned to the many charities and community boards he has served on since that time;
• Drumheller Crimestoppers serving as chair from the formation in Drumheller.
• A member of the team who initiated the first Crimestopper program within a federal institution in Canada.
• A member of Citizen Advisory Committee of the RCMP for almost 10 years.
• Recipient of the provincial crime prevention award from the Government of Alberta.
• Drumheller Policing Committee since its inception, served as chair for the past 5 years.
• 6yr term as a governing board member of The Alberta Association of Police Governance. Second year as Chair of the Alberta Association of Police Governance.
• Involved in Scouting as Vice Chair for a number of years.
• Recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012.
• Past Member Co-op board.
• Winner Business Professional of the Year-Drumheller and District Chamber of Commerce in 2016.
• Founder of The Morgan Jayne Project dedicated to helping those directly affected by HIV and AIDS on Roatan, Honduras.
• Chair of The Morgan Jayne Children's Foundation, a project named after his daughter who passed away in 2006.

None of this would have been accomplished without constant support and help from his wife Kathy and son Cody. Fred also appreciates the support of friends and colleagues with whom he has worked with on various committees to make Drumheller and our Province a better place.

"I love our community and as I approach my 40th year of residence I feel it is important to know our neighbors. To listen to each other and grow our town with a spirit of cooperation, collaboration and excitement about a more vibrant Drumheller."

Councillor Makowecki can be reached at fmakowecki@drumheller.ca. 

Councillor Kristyne DeMott

Krystine copy 2017 mike todor

Kristyne DeMott was born on September 01 here in Drumheller: the only child of lifetime locals Jeff and Kathy DeMott. She completed her Bachelors Degree in Interior Design from Mount Royal University in 2008 and currently works as a Residential and Interior Designer for her own business.

Kristyne married her husband Garret here in Drumheller on August 20th 2016 and they are currently living in the home her dad grew up in. The couple spends their free time together watching 'their shows' (such as Ghost Adventures, Survivor and Big Brother), playing video games, and doing yard & house work together.

Kristyne has been an avid 'gym go-er' since 2012. She loves bodybuilding and heads to the weight rack 9/10 times over the cardio equipment. She lives on coffee and enjoys loud music, being busy, and organization.

Kristyne is super excited to be elected for her first term in Council here in Drumheller. She is eager to learn and be a voice & warm smile for the citizens and community of Drumheller.

Councillor Demott can be reached at kdemott@drumheller.ca. 

The Town of Drumheller's Council is comprised of a Mayor and six Councillors. These seven members are committed to making Drumheller a better place to live, work and visit. Their vision, mission and values are included in the Strategic Business Plan.

Council is the governing body of the municipal corporation and in accordance with the Municipal Government Act (MGA) is assigned powers, duties and functions. 

Council can exercise their powers either by bylaw or resolution passed at a regular or special meeting when a quorum is present.  

This section consists of the following areas: 

The Town Council is a continuing body, notwithstanding changes of members, through the election process every four years. 

Council is responsible for establishing policy directions, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of programs, and authorizing the revenue collection and expenditures required to fund the Town's operations.

While Mayor and Council are responsible for policy making, municipal staff are responsible for translating policy into action and delivery of municipal services. 


Covid 19 situation is changing rapidly please check back for further details. Learn more at Drumheller.ca/covid