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Disaster Services

Under the leadership of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), there are a number of different departments

  • Corporate Services; Corporate Services Division has overall responsibility for the Finance, Information Technology, and Legislative/Administrative Services of the Town
  • Infrastructure Services, Manage all the infrastructure of the town of Drumheller
  • Recreation Services  Manages recreation facilities and programs in Drumheller
  • Planning and Development  The Planning and Safety Codes Department is responsible for long-range land use planning, subdivisions, development approval and safety code permits.
  • Protective Services. responsible for the managment of all bylaws, fire protection and emegency planning for Drumheller 



economic development

Drumheller’s unique, central location, young demographic and bustling tourism sector makes for a great place to invest and do business!

Drumheller is situated in a fantastic area of Alberta. With a population of over 8000, it’s the largest community on highway 9 between Calgary and the Alberta-Saskatchewan border. Great infrastructure in and around Drumheller along with hard working, dedicated individuals have made the town a great place to live and do business.

Agriculture is the largest industry in Drumheller. Everything from wheat, oats, barley, canola, peas, and flax are seeded. Alberta is the largest producer of barley with nearly 4.1 million acres grown. The beef industry is also very large around Drumheller with several local restaurants purchasing all or some of their beef locally. In total, over 6.4 million cattle are raised in Alberta.

Oil and gas production is the 2nd largest industry in Drumheller. Many of the oil and gas reserves in Canada are located in Alberta. Encana in Drumheller employs 60 people who drill and maintain gas wells in an area that stretches from Drumheller to the Trans Canada Highway and beyond. They now have over 5000 wells in the area with plans to drill more.

Cenovus is another large employer in the area with a staff of 91. They have over 1800 producing wells in the area and plan to drill more in the Drumheller region. ConocoPhillips, Bearspaw Petroleum, EOG Resources, and Husky are all major contributors to the economy.

Drumheller has a trading area of over 40 thousand and a population of 1 million within a 1 hour radius. In addition, Drumheller is only 90 minutes away from Calgary and Red Deer and 2 hours from Medicine Hat which makes for a very central location for innovative entrepreneurs. A central location, a new industrial area, and the residents’ drive to succeed make Drumheller something to roar about.

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