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Disaster Services


Looking for a loved in the Drumheller Cemetery has never been this easy.

Our On-Line Service will assist you in finding a loved one in the cemetery.

By searching the last name you can select the first name.

Note that the block named ‘FLU’ means that this person died in one of our influenza epidemics in the Town’s early history.

Because of the circumstances during these periods, the person is in an unmarked grave.

If the block is identified as ‘WAYNE’ we are referring to the inactive cemetery in the hamlet of Wayne.

In the newer section, the blocks are further identified for the East and West sides of the block.

The columbaria are identified as block ‘COL1’ or ‘COL2’, and the memorial wall is identified as block ‘WALL’.

For your convenience, click here for a map of the cemetery indicating the location of all the blocks.

For more information, please call (403) 823-1302 or visit us at Town Hall.

Our dedicated staff will be will be more than happy to provide you the details that you need.




Here are the fees for the Town of Drumheller cemetery. 

If you wish to download the rate sheet for offline use, please click here.


For residents, please refer to the following fees:





Open / Close (weekday)


Open / Close (weekends, holidays)


Winter Fee (November 1 to March 31)



In addition, non-residents can refer to the following rates:





Open / Close (weekday)


Open / Close (weekends, holidays)


Winter Fee (November 1 to March 31)



For cremains, on the other hand, the following costs apply:



Cremain Plot (Resident)

(Maximum 2 Cremains)


Cremain Plot (Non-resident)

(Maximum 2 Cremains)


Open / Close (weekday)


Open / Close (weekends, holidays)


Winter Fee (November 1 to March 31)



Columbariums are charged in the following way:



Niche - top two rows 




Open / Close (weekday)


Open / Close (weekends, holidays)




Memorial Wall plaques are $230.00. 

These are memorial plaques that allow the remaining family a memorial point for loved ones who have been interred or scattered in another location. 

In either case, the interment location will have to be ‘opened and closed’ with rates based on the time of the week or season.

The end of life’s journey for a loved one, family member, or yourself is a difficult scenario. This is why we consistently do our best in helping you during this overwhelming time.

If you have any questions regarding packages and costs, please contact us at (403) 823-1302 or  sthomson@drumheller.ca.




We understand that the death of a loved one is overwhelming. The Town of Drumheller wishes to extend help to you during this difficult time in your life.

Contrary to common belief, the death of a friend or a family member does not only mean contacting a funeral service provider. The process, however, need not be complicated.

We are always prepared to provide efficient service and answer all of your questions.

There are two types of interment in the cemetery: a casket burial or cremains.

Cremains can be interred in a cemetery plot or in a columbarium. 

A standard cemetery plot can hold a maximum of two caskets plus four cremains.

With this in mind, we need to know if two caskets will eventually reside in the same plot, as additional preparation is required when the first casket is interred.

Cremains plots and columbarium niches can hold a maximum of two cremains.

Standard cemetery plots or cremains plots, as well as columbarium niches, can be pre-purchased to assist the family in creating a family plot.

For packages and costs, click on this link. 

We are required to have a copy of the Burial Permit on file regardless of the type of interment.

If you wish to install a headstone to commemorate your loved one, please consult our Cemetery By-law for further information.

In any case, however, we require notice of the installation and the work required.

On this note,  please complete a cemetery work permit form

We are committed to helping you in this time of need. If you have any questions, please call (403) 823-1302.


We strive to assist you in your life’s journey.

This section aims to explain the specifics of our cemetery services.

Whether it be an immediate concern or a long-term plan, knowing about the interment process benefits you and your loved ones during times of need.

The Drumheller Cemetery dates back to 1912 and features a wide, serene space suitable for your interment needs.

Here, you will find well-maintained plots, columbariums, and a memorial wall kept company by a beautiful array of well-manicured grass, shrubs, and trees.

The Drumheller Cemetery is located at South Railway Avenue and is always open for visitors.

Here are some pages we recommend to learn more about our cemetery services: 

When thinking about the future for yourself or your loved ones, you can be sure that the Town of Drumheller is at your service.

For any questions, please call us at (403) 823-1302. 

Covid 19 situation is changing rapidly please check back for further details. Learn more at Drumheller.ca/covid