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Disaster Services

The Town Policing Committee acts as a liaison between our Council, the RCMP detachment, our Bylaw Enforcement Office, and the citizens of Drumheller. The board manages complaints relating to the delivery of police services and manages informally or formally with members of the policing community where applicable. The Committee consists of 9 appointed, voting members. Out of this, 5 are citizens from our Town, 1 mayor or designate by resolution of the Town of Drumheller’s Council. 

It also includes 3 public members from any of the following communities:

Starland County

The Village of Delia

The Village of Morrin

The Village of Carbon

The Village of Munson

Members of the public can have terms of up to 6 consecutive years. They shall also remain in office until their respective successors are appointed. The present members of the committee and their respective positions are as follows:




Larry Coney


Larry Keddie 

Vice Chairman

Keith Hodgson

Member Rural

Kalon Sykes

Member Urban

Don Loro

Member Urban

Darryl Drohomerski

Chief Administrative Officer

Greg Peters

Director of Protective Services

Fred Makowecki

Drumheller Councillor

S. Sgt. Ed Bourque

S. Sgt. RCMP Drumheller

Denise Lines

Recording Secretary

Bob Sargeant

Member Delia

Karen Neill

Member Starland


For inquiries and more information, you may view our bylaws for this service, contact us at 403-823-6300.

To make a complaint on services can be made directly to the local RCMP detachment or by contacting the Provincial Police Complaints Director at 780-644-2607.


In times of emergency, the RCMP can be contacted by dialing 911. Interested in placing a complaint? Please call (403) 823-2630 for their 24-hour hotline.

Box 1030 Drumheller
75 Riverside Drive T0J 0Y0
Administration Line: (403) 823-7590
Monday - Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm
Interested in knowing more about the RCMP? Visit their website here

If you wish to participate in the conversation of our local detachment's policing priorities, the Town Policing Committee is here for you. Truly, our RCMP reinforces our feeling or safety in our community. Throughout the years, their fortitude has transformed our Town into one of the prosperous areas in the province. In addition, a vital service that our RCMP offers is victim services.  This plays an important role in reducing the negative impact of victimization.  This program aims to lessen the effects of trauma, enhances safety, encourages participation in the justice system, and prepares victims acting as witnesses for court proceedings.



Our municipal RCMP is committed to realizing these goals in a way that concretely impacts our community. Not only do they provide policing on a 24-hour basis, they are also active in community events and organizations. An example of this would be their participation in the Duke of Edinburgh award, an opportunity for our young leaders to cultivate the values of personal discovery, self-reliance, and responsibility. This award aims to empower and guide our youth by learning effective communication and goal setting in a team-centric environment. Another initiative that our local RCMP is involved with is the program called Two-wheel view. In this innovative endeavor, our officers help create avenues for our community youth to learn about valuable life lessons through educational bicycle programs and expeditions. The areas touched by this program include leadership, health and wellness, and self-esteem.


We recognize health and safety as two intimately related issues that have a significant impact in the lives of the members of our community.

Through this, we have strategically identified various methods of cooperation that account for these two areas. More importantly, the devised means to combat threats in these issues are designed to create impact in both the small and the large scale.

This section aims to discuss health and safety in the concept of service that we, as an organization, adhere to.

If you aspire to keep our Town safe and the health of the members of our community in check, information in this section is vital. 

In the context of Town services, our objectives in health and safety are made possible by our effective coordination with RCMP and the Town Policing Committee.

Another way this is made possible is through our commitment with the agencies that have been mandated to promote a workplace environment that promotes the employee’s general welfare.

We have a strong commitment to keeping our community healthy and safe.

It is our hope that through the avenues above, the Town of Drumheller and its community continue to work together to make our Town a place where we can thrive.

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