Request to Book a Pool |
Request to Book a Pool

Please note that the Drumheller Aquaplex is currently closed, but will open on Wednesday, September 9th.  Reservations will be required for all recreation use.  Please keep checking our Facebook page or the Town Of Drumheller Facebook page for the most current updates.   


Panoramic picture December 29 2017 day before opening

The pool is available to rent for birthday parties, team functions, or just a fun get together.

Pool rentals are usually booked by the hour, with more time available if you would like. Rates are as follows, based on the number of people who will be there:


Local Groups

Non – Local Groups

(up to 25 ppl) $79.50 per hr.

(up to 25ppl) $119.50 per hr

(26 – 35 ppl) $113.50 per hr.

(26 – 35 ppl) $154.00 per hr.

(36 – 45 ppl) $148.00 per hr.

(36 – 45 ppl) $187.75 per hr.

(46 and over) $182.50 per hr.

(46 and over) $222.00 per hr.

Please note that all fees and schedules are subject to change. 

Covid 19 situation is changing rapidly please check back for further details. Learn more at