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Fire Discipline


As an organization committed to promoting your well-being, we recognize the storage of flammable materials to be a risk that cannot go unregulated. 

Petroleum storage tank systems are regulated under the Alberta Fire Code (AFC)

The installation of petroleum storage tanks is similar to the other types of activities addressed in the Permit Regulation. 


When are Storage Tank System Permits Required? 


A permit in the fire discipline is required to install, alter, or remove a storage tank system to which the AFC applies. 


When are Storage Tank System Permits NOT Required? 


Policies on the matter does not apply to the storage of flammable or combustible liquids on farms for individual farm use because they are exempted from the AFC.


Who May Obtain a Storage Tank System Permit?


This kind of permit may be issued to the owner of the parcel of land on which the storage tank system is to be installed.


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