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General Rules - Arena

Policy Statement

Memorial Arena - General Rules

- The Town of Drumheller Bylaw #11-96 prohibits smoking within the Arena.

- Alcoholic beverages are not permitted within the confines of the Memorial Arena.

- There will be NO SPITTING of any substance onto the ice or in the Arena.

- Intentional banging of hockey sticks or other items against the Plexi Glass will not be permitted.

- Persons wearing skates are confined to the ice surface, player benches, hallways and dressing rooms only, unless they are wearing skate guards.  No unguarded skates are allowed in washrooms on concrete floors or in spectator seating areas.  It is requested that players remain in the dressing rooms until game time and then proceed to the ice surface through walkways.

- Any defacing or damaging of walls, floors, seats, bleachers, or any part of the premises is prohibited.  Offenders face suspension and/or responsibility for damages.

- During public skating - tag, crack the whip, throwing snowballs, or any rough house activity that interferes with other people's enjoyment, is prohibited.

- For public skating sessions, uniformed hockey players or hockey sticks are not allowed on the ice.  Figure skaters are to refrain from performing spins and twirls where these movements may cause harm to the public.

- Acts of misconduct or general nuisance will not be permitted on the ice or any part of the arena.

- Supervisors, coaches and/or managers of any classes or teams are responsible for the conduct of their charges.  This applies before, during, and after all sessions. Please be considerate of figure skaters on ice needing to hear their coaches and music and try to keep music in dressing rooms at a minimum until they are off the ice.

- Teams are asked to please co-operate with arena staff during ice preparation, and regular ice maintenance.

- Hockey players, figure skaters, or public skaters are to remain off the ice surface until maintenance staff have completed ice preparation, left the ice, and closed the gates.

- No group shall be allowed in the arena without a supervisor, and the supervisor must remain until the group as a whole has left.

- Storage of any type of equipment in the arena will not be permitted without written consent of the Recreation Director.

- Hockey teams are requested to use one end of the dressing room so as to allow other teams to be ready for their game.

- All ice rentals, seasonal activities, and individual schedules of group ice usage and bookings in general are made through the Recreation Office.  The Recreation Department will not be held responsible for articles lost or stolen.  Keys for dressing rooms can be had by asking Recreation Staff.  We ask for your car keys as a substitute until you return the key.

- Groups, organizations, and the general public are requested to assist the arena staff in keeping the arena neat and clean by using the garbage receptacles supplied.

- Under no circumstances will food or beverages be allowed on the ice surface.

- No one is allowed on the ice without skates.

- Comments or suggestions can be made in writing to the Recreation Director.


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