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Mayoral and Council History


Drumheller was part of the Municipal District of Carbon #278 when it was a hamlet with the incorporation of the Village of Drumheller being published in the Alberta Gazette on May 15, 1913. One month later, the Village's first Council meeting was held on June 9, 1913 at 9:45 PM, with Reeve George Clarkson and Councillors Thomas P. Greentree and J. A. Sutherland in attendance.  

  • Council's first agendas were concerned with appointing the Village's Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Gillispie at $25.00 for the remainder of the year and ordering 200 dog tags.  
  • The Town of Drumheller's first Council meeting was held March 13, 1916 with William R. Cumming as Mayor.  
  • Drumheller's growth continued along all lines, and in 1929, the question of City status was discussed by the Town Council, consisting of L.M. Swain as Mayor.  
  • On April 3, 1930 Bill No. 3 - the Charter of the City of Drumheller, was passed by the Alberta Legislature and assented by His Honor Lieutenant Governor Egbert. 
  • The existing Council at that time, consisting of Mayor McConkey and the Aldermen remained in office and became the first administrators of Alberta's newest City.
  • The population increased from 2,600 to just over 6600 in 1983. Part of this increase can be attributed to the annexation of neighbouring communities.
  • Bankview was annexed in 1964, North Drumheller in 1967, Newcastle in 1967 and Midlandvale in 1972.  
  • On January 1 1998, the City of Drumheller amalgamated with the Municipal District of Badlands No. 7 to form the Town of Drumheller by an Order in Council from the Lieutenant Governor.   
  • The population increased to 7,833 by including the former hamlets of East Coulee, Lehigh, Wayne, Cambria, Rosedale, and Nacmine. 
  • For ten months, from January 1, 1998 to the date of the municipal election in October, both councils remained in office with Brock Wood as Mayor and Phil Byrant as Deputy Mayor.   
  • On November 2, 1998, Phil Bryant was sworn in as Mayor.

For a comprehensive list of mayors and councillors, please refer to the following timelines: 

Truly, our municipal government has a rich and colorful history that speaks to our community's growth.  

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