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Conservation Tips


We are driven to work with you in creating an environmentally sustainable community.

Conserving water is an issue that does not only affect you but all of us on the planet.

This said, it is crucial that we build a strong cooperative effort to combat wasting our limited, natural resources.

Only about 1% of the Earth’s liquid water is fresh water.

Water Conservation is more than just saving water; it is the conscious effort of using water as efficiently as possible.

When purchasing water appliances such as washers, dishwasher, and toilets always look for the resource conservation models.

Up to 10% of your indoor water usage (or 10% of your water bill) could be water leaks.

One way to to check for a leak would be to take a meter reading before leaving the house for the day and again as soon as you get home.

The reading should be the same if there was no intended water usage.

To check for a leak in the toilets, add some food coloring to the tank. Wait about 15 minutes without flushing.

If the water in the bowl is now colored you have a leak.

Often a cleaning of the flapper valve at the bottom of the tank is sufficient to stop the leak; otherwise, the fill assembly might have to be changed.

Small as these measures may seem, doing our part as members of this community can only mean a better future for all of us.