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Monitoring of River Levels continues



​May 22nd 2018

 The Town of Drumheller is keen to keep residents updated on how we monitor water levels in the Red Deer River.

The Town is in constant contact with the personnel from the Dickson Dam, this includes daily updates about reservoir levels, snow pack and outlet flows. In addition as part of the town's Emergency Management Plan staff attended the annual Emergency Preparedness Orientation session at the Dickson Dam on May 17.

The team discussed snowpack levels with the provincial monitoring team. They were informed that the majority of snow has already melted and is in the reservoir. This has happened almost three weeks earlier than in previous years. The operators are concerned that the water levels may not be high enough for the summer requirements and are not releasing much water at this present time.

We want to assure residents that despite this we are still making sure we are prepared for a high river level situation. We encourage people to do the same. For example please make sure you create a 72 hour emergency kit and an emergency plan with your family.

Here is a link to resources to see current water levels and the stations to look at for the most accurate information.

To monitor the Red Deer River watershed, please go to and select the following locations:

Skoki Lodge and Limestone Ridge for snow pillow reports of how much snow is in the mountains of the Red Deer River watershed

Gleniffer Reservoir shows the level of the reservoir behind the Dickson Dam

Dickson Dam outlet shows the flow leaving the reservoir

Red Deer River at Drumheller shows the water level and flow at the Gordon Taylor Bridge

The primary benefit of the Dickson Dam is an assured and reliable year round water supply (for domestic, Municipal, industrial and agriculture use)

The secondary benefits are:

Hydro electric power generation

Flood attenuation

Improved water quality


Improved fisheries habitat

For more Information Contact:

Julia Fielding

Economic Development and Communications Officer

403 823 1320

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