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Outdoor pool opening delayed



​May 25th 2018

 Town of Drumheller crews have been working hard this week to get the outdoor pool open. However the inspection and maintenance program, which takes place prior to seasonal operation, has identified at least one leak in one of the pipes.

The crews are now working on exposing the leaking pipe and checking for other leaks. Once all the leaking spots have been identified and the pipes repaired, the pool will then be filled and tested ready to open up to the public.

"We recognise the inconvenience that the delay in the outdoor pool will cause and we want to apologise for the delay," outlined Armia Mikhaeil Director of Infrastructure. "Crews are working hard to fix the issues and we hope get the pool open as soon as possible for everyone to enjoy".

"In addition tests carried out for the preparation to get the fountain operational showed that there is a significant amount of water loss occurring." added Julia Fielding Communication Officer. "This indicates one or several leaking points and so crews are currently working with an engineering firm to come up with a solution. Unfortunately it is very possible the fountain will not be operational this summer." 

For more Information Contact:

Julia FIelding

Communications Officer

403 820 1481

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