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Repairs starting on the Outdoor Pool



​July 30th 2019

 Knibb Developments; on behalf of the Town of Drumheller, started to fix the outdoor pool circulation piping on Monday, July 29th.

At the beginning of July it was discovered that there were a number of spiral cracks in the return circulation piping. These breaks are not repairable by installing a lining and instead require significant excavations along the pipe to remove and replace each break. Due to the number of breaks it was decided to replace all the return piping. This will give a longer term solution especially as a more resilient material such as High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is being used.

"Construction crews will be working 7am until 7pm in an effort to get the work completed as soon as possible," explained Dave Brett, Director of Infrastructure services.

"We recognize the inconvenience that the closure of outdoor pool causes and we apologize for this," added Julia Fielding Communication Officer. "We are all very frustrated however we feel it is best to get the problem fixed long term and everyone is working hard to get the outdoor pool open as soon as possible for everyone to enjoy."

Please note the parking spaces alongside the outdoor pool will be closed whilst construction crews are working in order to store equipment. However they will be available during the upcoming long weekend

Although an exact timeline is difficult, these repairs will take approximately three weeks. There will then be testing of the system, balance and heating of the water and water quality approval by AB Health Services.

For more Information Contact:

Julia FIelding

Communications Officer


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