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Protective Services


We are committed to the preservation of peace and prosperity in our community.

The objective of this section is to guide you through information that is vital for the implementation of regulations that seek to safeguard your well-being.

This allows us to partner with you, an important member of our community, in making sure that in our Town, harmony prevails.

With this in mind, the Department of Protective Services is our institution’s primary mechanism in promoting your safety.

This branch of our organization is responsible for the following areas:

This department works in a variety of ways, all strategically decided to fit scenarios that concern your health and safety.

Guided by a comprehensive protective services plan for the municipality, this department aims to intelligently identify key factors to maintain a secure community environment. 

Our dedicated peace officers, fire fighters, police officers, and various community volunteers are at your service in times of need.

For emergencies, you may contact 911 or our 24-hour Town number at (403) 823-2512. 

If you wish to report a problem related to by-law enforcement, kindly click on this link.