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Greg Peters, a Niagara Falls Native, has lived in Drumheller for over 16 years. Peters has served as a police officer for 29 years at various locations across Canada before retiring with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Peters has been the Director of Protective Services with the Town of Drumheller for 7 years. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, hanging out with his family and his dogs.

Peters believes that Bylaws provide principles, frameworks, policies and rules to allow for governance by impartial law. These guidelines also provide a dispute resolution mechanism. Bylaws enable citizens to determine what rules they can all agree with and abide by, and yet allow for changes to them when the municipality grows and changes. These rules ensure stability, continuity, and structure, especially during times of rapid growth, what is of importance to citizens as well as to reflect societal dynamics. They permit matters to be resolved in the public interest fairly through agreement and cooperation between people.

Jessica Currie was born and raised in Ottawa Ontario. Currie is a sport enthusiast with a background playing competitive hockey. Currie earned her Bachelor of Arts in Law (B.A. in Law) at Carleton University, Police Foundations from Algonquin College. Currie is a successful graduate of the Alberta Solicitor General Training Academy as of December 2019, and has since received Peace Officer status as of January 2020.

Currie has a variety of experiences in law enforcement and community social programs. Before moving to Drumheller, Currie volunteered with the Distress Center of Leeds in Grenville for 2 years, worked for the Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.) as a Marine Assistant in 2015 and worked as an Ottawa Police Auxiliary Constable for 2 years.

Being a Bylaw Officer with the Town of Drumheller for over a year, has allowed Currie the opportunity to meet residents and discuss their concerns in effort of continuously improving the Valley for everyone.

Community enforcement refers to the measures taken by our committed Bylaw Officers to equitably implement policies enacted by Town Council.

Some of our Bylaws include:

  • Animal Control
  • Weed Control
  • Parking
  • Noise Control
  • Sidewalk Snow Removal
  • Graffiti

For more information about this important area in our operations, please refer to our Community Standards Bylaw, Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw, and Traffic Bylaw or call (403) 823-1363.

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