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The Drumheller Fire Department is a voluntary organization consisting of approximately 50 members operating from three fire halls (Drumheller, Rosedale and East Coulee). The Department has a Fire Chief, 2 Deputy Chiefs and 2 District Chiefs (one in Rosedale and one in East Coulee), and 3 Captains. One Deputy Chief is appointed as the Training Officer and the other as the Fire Prevention Officer. The investigation of fires is also performed by the fire department and, as required by the Provincial Fire Commissioners’ Office (FCO), reports are sent in to the FCO and filed within the department.

In the event of a fire suspected to be arson or other criminal activity, we call in the Provincial Fire Investigator out of Red Deer to assist in the investigation.

The Department is dispatched by calling 911.


Under bylaw 04-07, Fire Permits ensure that open fires cannot be held without permission in land owned or occupied to avoid creating a hazard to the general public. Fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and stationary barbeques that burn combustible materials do not require fire permits provided they follow 5 key criteria:

  • The use of clean fuel only. This means that refuse or waste matter shall not be burned;
  • Smoke and/ or sparks caused by the open fire must not be a nuisance or hazard to neighbors or other properties;
  • Installations shall have a surface area not exceeding 634 square inches, enclosed sides not exceeding 18 inches above ground level that shall be constructed of non-combustible components as approved by the authority having jurisdiction;
  • A screening material to contain sparks shall be provided over the fire at all times, and;
  • 10-foot clearance from buildings, property lines, and combustible materials or as approved by the authority having jurisdiction.

Fire permits are also not required for portable barbecues operated by Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), compressed briquettes or charcoal. However, this is only if they are used on the property of the resident or in a public location approved by the authority having jurisdiction.

To apply for a fire permit, visit Town Hall or inquire through (403) 823-6300.

For additional inquiries regarding our Fire Department, please consult our Fire Bylaws or contact the number above mentioned. 

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