Health and Safety |
Health and Safety


We recognize health and safety as two intimately related issues that have a significant impact in the lives of the members of our community.

Through this, we have strategically identified various methods of cooperation that account for these two areas. More importantly, the devised means to combat threats in these issues are designed to create impact in both the small and the large scale.

This section aims to discuss health and safety in the concept of service that we, as an organization, adhere to.

If you aspire to keep our Town safe and the health of the members of our community in check, information in this section is vital. 

In the context of Town services, our objectives in health and safety are made possible by our effective coordination with RCMP and the Town Policing Committee.

Another way this is made possible is through our commitment with the agencies that have been mandated to promote a workplace environment that promotes the employee’s general welfare.

We have a strong commitment to keeping our community healthy and safe.

It is our hope that through the avenues above, the Town of Drumheller and its community continue to work together to make our Town a place where we can thrive.