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Understanding Flooding

Town of Drumheller

Town of Drumheller

Understanding Flooding in Drumheller

Drumheller has experienced flooding since the ice age. Science tells us very clearly that Drumheller will be subjected to more frequent increases in temperatures, higher amounts of precipitation, and an increase risk of extreme weather as a result of warmer temperatures. Every flood situation that impacts the Town puts our heritage at risk along with risks to public safety, property, the environment and local economy.

The area at risk of future flooding in Drumheller is 100 km of riverbanks which includes our neighbourhoods of Nacmine, Newcastle, Midland, North Drumheller, Central, Riverview, Rosedale, Wayne, Aerial, Cambria, Lehigh, East Coulee and Western Monarch, which can all be impacted by the Red Deer River, the Rosebud River and Michichi Creek.

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